About the Author


Chad R. Odom

Chad R. Odom, just like many authors, hears voices in his head. He can't contain the stories any longer, and is relieved to be releasing his first series--The Last Archide. 

Chad was born and raised in St. Louis, but loves to travel. He met the love of his life in Las Vegas, and his wife Katie is his inspiration for his character Celeste.

He spends his spare time watching movies and doing a critique vlog with his best buddies. He also loves spending time with his sons and daughters, and serving his church and community

The Life of Chad

All information contained below is accurate to the best of my knowledge and contains absolutely no bias...


Humble Beginings

The greatest (and most humble) author in history takes his first breath. Looking back, one must wonder, did his parents know then that this tiny infant would one day become the literary giant he was destined to be?

June 07 1982

June 1 1986

The Influence

At the tender age of 4, a certain influential adult who will remain nameless took Chad to see the movie “Aliens” because his mother wasn’t available to babysit. This gives birth to a lifelong obsession with film. From that point on, he was raised watching anything he could. (Complete top 10 list coming soon, but it will most
definitely include The Princess Bride, The Empire Strikes Back, The Fellowship of the Ring and The Godfather to name a few)

So Many Books

Chad, a veracious reader in his own right and lover of all stories both written and oral, is introduced to JRR Tolkien. Before this year is done, he will have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. From 8 until 23, Chad read those books annually. Seriously, you can see greatness brewing. What 8-year-old reads The Lord of the Rings?


Early 90's

Drawn to Comics

Chad reads everything from Tolkien to Card to Poe. Comic books become a huge fascination. Binders full of his own superheroes and villains litter his parents’ home. Like the baseball cards of the 20’s and 30’s, his parents now realize the intrinsic value of so rare a possession. Too bad very little remains of those early strokes of brilliance.

The Dream

While under the enchantment of Professor Tolkien Chad has a dream. A vision. A revelation. A realization of destiny. In the dream, a man stood in the middle of a snow-covered valley. Swarthy men charged him from all sides. As they closed in on him, a flash of blue light enveloped the horde, leaving the man unscathed. This dream left an indelible impression that would eventually spawn his initial masterpiece, The Last Archide.

Mid 90's

Late 90’s

The Outcast

Writing fascination continues but is dimmed by being a persecuted nerd (Liking superheroes, LOTR. Star Wars and Star Trek was NOT cool back then-trust me…or him). Highlight include wrestling and Eagle Scout.

The Graduate

2000: Chad graduates, a distinguished and celebrated student from St. Charles West. Only those who knew the B/C student who barely made it out of that place knew his boundless potential.



The Humble Missionary

Chad serves a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The leaders of the Church must have sensed his eventual celebrity status. Trying to prepare him for his inevitable rise to stardom, they sent him to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Muse and the Genetically Destined for Greatness (AKA Offspring)

Marries his beautiful and stunning muse. 

Adopts muse’s daughter. He and muse have twin boys. 

Apparently 3 wasn’t enough. Last son born here. Writing of The Last Archide begins. One of the twins is threatened with a serious illness. Fearing that son might pass, Chad is inspired to name the main character (heretofore known as HERO) after his child. Oryan is born!



The Tate Debacle

Tate Publishing releases the Last Archide: Warlord of Navarus. His prowess is vastly underappreciated. And, maybe the first edition was a bit lacking, but we will blame that on the publisher for reasons that will shortly be made clear. 

The Last Archide is complete, but Chad in his infinite wisdom, holds back on this masterful tale until he revises the Warlord of Navarus.

Warlord of Navarus: Author’s Edition is released. Kind of. Tate publishing CEO goes to prison and publisher shuts down. Little did they know, had they only waited a few months, the entire Last Archide series would have been released, ushering in a new era of unprecedented wealth, solving all their financial woes and feeding Ryan Tate’s gambling habits for years to come.

The Dark Times

In a root beer enduced rage caused by the Tate betrayal, Chad refuses to write or publish anything choosing instead to withhold his vast creative influence from the world.



The Passing of One Legend and Birth of Another

Only sister Sarah passes away from cancer. As she was Chad’s biggest cheerleader, Chad decides to stop waiting and finally take control of his destiny. Last Archide split into 5 magnificent pieces: Ascension, Puppet Master, Ashes of Andromeda, Genocide and Atonement and released to the world!